A tower of the medieval city walls of Rhodes, ...
A tower of the medieval city walls of Rhodes, Greece, as seen from the moat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RIGS 3.6 – City Octahedron

“It was such a simple looking object, no bigger than a fist. The Great Disaster had wrecked our empire and we had nowhere else to go. Our good neighbours had given us some land but had no resources to spare. We didn’t even have a roof over our heads. But then, by the grace of the many gods, we found it. The small, grey, double pyramid. If the legends were true, it would solve all our problems. I activated it with a drop of my blood as the ritual described, buried in the ground and ran back to the prescribed safe distance. The very air rumbled and grew brighter. When it had cleared, the lost city Octdron was in its place. Yes, you heard me right, THAT lost city…”

City Octahedron
Power Level: Artefact (10)
Activation: Blood – User
Approximate Age: New (within the last year)
Condition: Good (6)

The city Octahedron, sometimes referred to as the anchor stone, is a small unassuming device used to bring forth the city Octahedron from its hiding place in the astral plane. It is one of the simplest artifacts to use, only requiring a drop of blood to prime it. Once primed, the artifact needs to be buried in an area with enough room for the city to appear. Sentient life must be removed from the area, but animals, etc are safely removed to the nearest appropriate location, unharmed, but confused.

To deactivate the artifact and return the city to its place on the astral plane, the one whose blood was used to activate it (or someone they have designated as their agent) must remove the artifact from it’s buried location underneath the city. Once removed, a loud alarm sounds and all those within the city must vacate, or be taken along with the city when it returns. The activator can set this time to range from 60 seconds to 80 hours. The alarm can be ongoing or silent. The artifacts main concern is the protection of the city and the safe removal of its citizens. In all other respects, the artifact has no powers.

A secondary power can be activated at any time by the one whose blood was used and it can put the city and all those within into a phase-state, allowing for harmful attacks to pass right through or even make the city undetectable. This secondary power can only be used once per 24 hours for a maximum of 57 minutes before deactivation.

The third power allows for the city to be reconfigured and it’s architecture and design changed, but this can only be done within the first 77 hours of the city returning from the astral plane. After that, the form is fixed until the next sending and summoning.

The only major downside to the artifact that has been discovered is that it requires an extremely long time to recharge. Sages think it will be 19 years before the item can be used again.

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