Adventure Outline/Event – Impact!

A falling object impacts the ground leaving a large crater and massive damage


5 nights ago astronomers spotted a meteor heading their way. The meteor was given the name Damocles. It was calculated that the object should not even graze the atmosphere and not cause anything more than a nice show in the sky at night. Sadly though, the calculations made where wrong.

Terribly wrong.

1 night ago, the meteor collided with the planet. It was believed to contain a high amount of magnesium due to the disturbingly bright light that came from it as it burnt up in the atmosphere, more so than other objects entering the atmosphere. Many people thought it was the end times as the night was lit up like a new angry sun had dawned.

The impact shockwave was heard miles and miles away, as was the vibrations. The ground at impact flowed like a liquid, the stone and earth moving in waves like a sea or ocean. Dust and rocks was thrown up into the sky, blotting out the stars and making the night darker than it was before.

Once a semblance of calm has been restored, the crater that remained was approx 16km across.

Anything that was in the impact zone was destroyed and for miles around has been damaged.

The real work now begins


  • The area hit was the major food production area for the region. 1000s of people are now without food and need help
  • The area around the crater needs evacuation as the material thrown up at impact starts to returns
  • The characters are charged with investigating the crater to find any remains of what caused the impact
  • The meteor has some radioactive properties that will cause problems and possible mutations for anyone who ventures into the crater
  • The crater is starting to fill with water from the rains, the walls though are very thin and if they break a second disaster will occur
  • Why did such a small meteor deviate from its path and cause such a large crater? Rumors are surfacing that this was no natural event
  • Survivors of the disaster need medical attention. Quite a few people have lost their sight due to the brightness of the light that occurred
  • The local rulers are blaming the astronomers of a neighbouring region for their error and making moves to go to war

This was created based on the ideas in this post

Article Used as Inspiration: Fitnah Crater

This adventure outline is to help start off your own ideas. The details are left to you to decide, such as rewards, difficulty of any creatures or NPCs encountered etc.


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