Need some choas effects for when magic goes a bit…odd? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

  1. 1d10 stones drop on the casters head. Within each stone is a gem worth 1d100x10 gold
  2. All nonliving wood within 1 mile turns to high quality steel
  3. An iron golem appears, shaped like the caster and stands in the middle of the nearest town
  4. Any potions within 50 feet turn into haluciogens and posions into healing potions
  5. At the next town the caster enters, bottles filled with dubious liquids are thrown at the caster by invisible beings
  6. Caster eyes glow bright red whenever they cause damage in combat
  7. Caster face takes on appearanace of a rat
  8. Caster finds double enterdres and smut in every conversation they have , even if it not there, for the next week
  9. Caster inherits a artifact from a long lost relative
  10. Caster skins glows bright red when in combat
  11. Caster, at the next settlement they visit, is mistaken for a famous beast slayer
  12. Casters hair is replaced with feathers. These fall out within 24 hours and hair grows back normally
  13. Casters hearing becomes more sesntive and their hearing range doubles
  14. Casters voice acts like a sonic weapon when they shout for the next 1d10 days
  15. Nearest dead body is teleported next to the caster when they next sleep
  16. Nearest pond, puddle or other large body of flat water becomes a portal to the plane of water
  17. Nearest river doubles in width
  18. Target catches fire as well as spell effect
  19. The neast rabbit turns into a very large (x20 size at least) version and gains the taste for humanoid flesh. It has very sharp pointy teeth
  20. When caster smiles or is happy, they belch


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