The Juniper bush of Junzin (JBJ) is a small evergreen shrub with needle like leaves with small purple berry like seeds.
The seeds can be eaten(but they taste bitter raw) and used as an ingredient in other dishes. The “berries” can be used to make the flavoring in certain alcoholic drinks, like Gin


Junzin was a hermit. In fact he was the stereotypical botanist who enjoyed the company of his plants and breeding them to make new species.
He was known, to his hatred, of being the best botanist in the land. Constantly being harrassed for medical herbs and such, he kept moving further and further away from civilisation, taking only his most favoured plants and tools with him. At some unknown point Junzin acquired the seeds of a rare Juniper bush


In itself, the Juniper bush doesnt posses many abilities. But one major feature it has that Junzin got very excited about was that this particular bush could grow under almost any conditions. All it needed was water(very little), air and some soil to grow in. Cold – not a problem it could handle it. The soil had been contaminated and nothing else grows, not even algae? The bush would thrive like it was the perfect fertile soil you could imagine. It was this property, to grow virtually anywhere that Junzin was trying to breed into his other plants.

It was also what made him and his plants a target


  • The berries make a very good form of birth control if taken in enough quantities
  • The berries if eaten quickly enough can counter some poisons
  • Junzins original parent plant has been stolen and Junzin needs it back to finish an experiment that could save a nearby town from starvation
  • Junzin has existed on the berries for over 200 years but doesn’t appear to be aging? Is this a property of the berries or Junzin or something else?
  • The JBJ original seed came from another plane
  • The JBJ original seed was given to Junzin by another power being who will be turning up for payment very soon
  • A local weed/pest plant has been growing and thriving and seems to be immune to normal methods of killing it. It has also started sprouting small purple like berry growths – Has an experiment, maybe one by Junzin, got out of control?

This was created based on the ideas in this post.

Article Used as Inspiration: Juniperus Lutchuensis
Stats and details are expressed in generic terms to allow for use in as many games and genres as possible. As with other Campaign Chunks this is designed to be used as a starting block for your own ideas.

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