Blood Knights
The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, known to many as the Knights Templar, were among the most wealthy and powerful of the Western Christian military orders and arguably the most famous. At some point in their history a new group was founded due to a political schism within the ranks.
It is believed that some members of the Knights Templar wanted to be more aggressive when dealing with their enemies, even going as far as using preemptive strikes to strike at those who crossed them. Those few expelled from the official order were struck from the records and their names never mentioned ever again. As far as the Knights Templar were officially concerned, this group never existed.

The newly formed order, the Knights of the Spilled Blood of the Lord of Kings, referred to as the Knights of the Blood, or sometimes Blood Knights, were a secret for a very long time until the only record of their existence was discovered in a manuscript detailing the death of an unimportant local lord.

The Blood Knights are believed to be a group of assassins who only go after the enemies of the church and the organisation. Their methods range from the quick and painless to the messy and bloody. Their creed can best be summed up by the phrase “Whatever is needed to get the job done.”. Their numbers are few but they are very effective to have been only discovered to possibly exist after all these years.

It is unknown how to join their services, or how they recruit new members. But what is known for sure, if they are real, they are not a group you want to get the attention of.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Some belive that the Blood Knights were , and still are, affiliated with the Knights Templar.
  • A few scholars have found out that the local lord death, that allowed for the discovery of the existence of the Blood Knights, had in fact lived, he was in line for a promotion that would have led to him being in a very important battle that the dead lords side would have lost. This in turn would have changed the course of history for the entire country.
  • More evidence is starting to emerge that many unexplained deaths over the last century or so , are the result of the Blood Knights.
  • There is mounting evidence that the “proof” of the existence of the Blood Knights was manufactured by some within the Knights Templar to excuse some murder they had to commit to protect themselves.
  • One nasty rumour exists that the knights maintain their members numbers by absorbing the life force of those they kill and is in fact the real reason for their name.

Inspired by : Knights Templar

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