Brand of Autumn

Brand of Autumn
Power Level : Minor (3)
Activation : Automatic – Time
Approximate Age : Few – 5 years
Condition : Fair (4)

Although there are several meaning for the term “Brand”, this one is about the type of brand used on livestock and in some cases, humans.
For farmers, the autumn time of the year is often for harvesting what has been grown through the year. The crops are brought in and the animals moved around. For some regions, this was also the tie of the year when the livestock was slaughtered so their meat could be utilised. However, one particular farmer was having problems with control of his livestock and each year the problem was getting worse. One year the animals ran amok when they was being moved and injured not only the farmer, but 2 of his assistants.

A neighbour who was childhood friends with an artificer contacted his friend on the farmer behalf to come up with a solution. By the time of the next harvest and slaughter part of the year rolled around, the artificer presented the struggling farmer with a branding iron. All he had to do was to heat up the branding iron until it was white-hot and brand each animal. Skeptical, the farmer was desperate and took the gift. On using it, all the animals behaved

The main effect of the Brand of Autumn(BoA), as it came to be known through the region, as the other name suggested was considered vulgar and distasteful, has the effect of making anyone branded with it docile and compliant to the weilder. This lasts for approx 24 hours. Due to the nature of the item, if used outside of what is considered harvest time it only acts as a normal branding iron. On creatures with a low brain capacity or intelligence, they will follow the wielder even into obvious situations that would cause their death. Those of higher intelligence my resist the effects and be rather unhappy with the user about being branded.

A word of caution. This effect will work on humanoids as well, as the farmer discovered to his horror when one of his assistants got caught by the brand and started following the pigs and cows into the slaughter-house.

Over the last few years, the local government has become aware of the BoA and despite is limited nature is looking into obtaining it for “classified reasons”

For details and explanation on R.I.G.S and it’s terminology, read this post

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