Bloodthirsty White-Eared titi
The Bloodthirsty white-eared titi is a species of titi, or a small monkey. It averages 12-13 inches in length , not including the tail, which is often the same size as both the head and body combined. Like its normal titi cousin, it has a wide variety of fur colouration but almost all have lighter or white coloured ears. Some variations resemble a squirrel monkey. The main noticeable difference is that the eyes are bright red. This was thought to be a form of ocular albinism and gave the monkey its nickname as a joke. As it turns out this was quite prophetic.

When discovered 20 years ago, it was believed to be a normal version of the titi, until it was observed one titi consuming the flesh of a fallen creature, thought to be another ape species, in quite a vicious fashion. The normal titi is an omnivore but had only been observed to consume at most, insects.

The BWET is in fact a carnivore and eats very little plant matter, having meat as their main diet. They have been noticed to hunt in packs, taking turns in feasting after the alpha has taken their fill first. curiously, it appears that both male and female BWET exist, with the position going to the strongest and most cunning, with ferocity being a major factor.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Some are saying that the BWET was the result of a breeding program that was released into the wild.
  • Attacks from the BWET on humans have increased dramatically in the last 18 months.
    The average size of the BWET has been increasing over the last few years. One has been spotted almost twice the size of the standard.
  • BWET nests have yet to have been discovered, neither have any young.
  • A few scientists belive that the BWET is in fact the result of a disease or virus in the normal WET population causing the odd and dangerous behavior. A live specimen is being requested and a hefty reward being offered for one.
  • A high amount of animals in the area have been killed and stripped to the bones by the BWET. A call has gone out to eliminate the local BWET population, with a bounty/reward being placed on each corpse brought to the authorities.

Inspired by : White-eared titi

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