Campaign Chunk – Damocles class super carrier

US Navy 051210-N-7359L-001 Sailors aboard the ...
US Navy 051210-N-7359L-001 Sailors aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) gather on the flight deck to watch as the amphibious transport dock USS San Antonio (LPD 17) sails alongside (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A carrier is a warship with a flight deck and the facilities for carrying,arming, deploying, recovering and often repairing aircraft. It can be thought of as a mobile, floating airbase and it often the capital or lead ship of any fleet. A so-called super carrier is one that is one larger , with a higher crew and more armaments and able to deploy more aircraft.


The Damocles, which is the first of the Damocles class super carrier line, is the first to have two separate – it has been described as if two carriers have become fused yet leaving their separate decks free to be used. Approximately 500 meters in length with a beam or width of just over 130 meters. The ship gain the power to drive the massive engines from its experimental fusion reactor. The crew compliment is around 3,500 with an air crew of 3,000. For this size of ship it has a lot of semi-automated systems,helping to keep the crew compliment down and increases response time for any action.


For a ship its size it can achieve an impressive speed of 30 knots(about 35 mph). Due to its size it can only dock properly in one particular location that was made for it, otherwise crew and goods have to transfer to and from shore by support vessels.

Hooks & Rumours


  • There was some debate about the original choice of name, which was after the designer. then suddenly, the project name was changed to Damocles. Certain parties are wondering why and demand an investigation because due to the cost of renaming being high.
  • The Damocles Dockyard has received a number of bomb threats recently, with a suspicious device being found within the last week. No group has come forward yet with demands and security has been increased.
  • The designer of the autonomous system on board the Damocles has gone missing. The last contact from him was to his wife, a simple call saying “my god..they have found me…”
  • A number of the crew have been found to been poisoned after the latest batch of food was received from the last port of call. This poison is completely artificial and cannot occur naturally. someone has been making the crew ill on purpose.
  • The codes to access the autonomous systems have been compromised. An investigation is underway and the captain has urged this to be a discrete investigation.



This was created based on the ideas in this post:


Article Used as Inspiration: Nimitz-class aircraft carrier



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