Starship Kit Volume One – Names & Registration

Your species, corporation or private group has finally achieved a dream that almost all species have, to leave their home world and travel to the stars. Your starship probably has a name and registration code to help keep track of the ship and it’s crew. This is where the Starship Kit Volume One is useful to you.

Released on Drivethru in April ’13, it has become one of Ennead Games best sellers and at the time of writing has achieved Silver Status, which puts it in the top 10% of products sold. The simple system generates the prefix, the name and the registration for your starship, with some suggestions and guidelines for your own ideas and creations.

Some example names and names/registrations you can get with this system are below.

Starship Names  Registration
I.P.V. Delta E3 -5 Q
K.I.K. Breach RJ4 -5 MV
I.S.V. Scorpion SV-W1
L.N.V. Intrepid 3 F4 -G2 B
I.S.V. Bear HMT-4 8 CV

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