Emma of Lake Jade

Lake Jade is a lake found in the mountains. It covers approximately 150 square miles with a typical depth of 200 meters, with some areas going deeper. Lake Jade gets its name from the large deposits of green rocks around the area. Sadly the larger deposit of Jade have been removed, yet the name stays. In many ways Lake Jade is a rather boring lake, apart from the fact it is believed to be the home to the creature known to the locals as Emma.

Emma is cryptid, an animal or plant whose existence has been suggested but has not been discovered or documented by the scientific community.
The common description of her is what can best be described as a long-necked shark, similar to a hammer-head shark crossed with a dolphin, with a green tint to her skin/scales. No-one can agree 100% on the detail of her description though.

For the most part, Emma is believed to be a creature that will not attack those who get near her, but will flee the area. These factors, combined with the deep caves in the lake give her plenty of places and the ability to hide from almost anyone who searched for her.

The local tourist trade has built up over sighting of her, with locals taking people out to the lakes to shoot (pictures only) of her. Of course, nothing comes from these events,yet people still they see her on a regular basis.

Hooks & Rumours

  • There is a believed to be a large jade deposit at the bottom of the lake.
  • Emma is though to hibernate in one of the deep caves at the bottom of lake Jade.
  • Some scientists belive that Lake Jade connect underground to other lakes in the area.
  • Odd green coloured scales have been found on the shores of the Lake. Some belive this to be proof of Emma’s existence and other are saying these are a hoax to increase tourism to the area.
  • Sightings of Emma tend to be higher in early spring, peaking around the end of April then trail off for the rest of the year
  • Local legends have persisted regarding Emma for the last 120 years. Some belive it is one very old creature, yet others say it is a family of creatures, with sightings of Emma in fact being that of many creatures, explaining the disparity of descriptions of her.
  • A very recent photograph of the lake has hit the news as proof positive of Emma existence. Numerous tests on the picture and questioning of the photographer have so far been inconclusive

Inspired by : Cryptid

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