Most clouds are grey, white or shades between the two, which are formed from water vapor. . They exist at ranges from the low to the highest, with many variations in types, shapes and natures. However, recently one has been spotted that stands out from the rest. For a start, it is blue. Not a sky blue, but a bright, almost glowing blue. Those who get close to it says it glows with unnatural light. A few who have got within touching distance say the air feels charged with electricity, yet this phenomena has never been seen during a storm. They also seem to move when there is no wind, following their own paths without apparent direction. They rarely last more than 24 hours.

Birds and other flying creatures avoid these clouds at all costs and will flee the area if possible. Any experiments that involve electricity or magnetism tend to fail, even though there is no obvious electrical or magnetic disturbance.


  • This cloud doesn’t dissipate or evaporate like other clouds. If anyone can get a sample of this cloud/fog then there are those who will pay quite a bit for it
  • These clouds are only seen to appear over a certain location. The characters are charged with investigating why.
  • Legends persist that this clouds are a harbinger of epic storms. Some belive that these causes the storms, with others saying that the Blue cloud is more of a warning.
  • Rumors abound that there is one persistent cloud that has lasted for over 20 years. This particular cloud flashes dark and light so is easy to notice, but as yet no official record of its existance has been made

This was created based on the ideas in this post:

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Article Used as Inspiration:Altocumulus undulatus cloud

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