Jeweled Eggs

As the name suggests, a jeweled egg is a piece of jewelery made into the shape of an egg. These are quite expensive to make, requiring a high level of skill and dedication to the craft, due to the fact that most of the designs of these eggs give them thin shells. Some are hinged to allow for the egg to be opened and another item placed inside. The materials used range from the classic gold, to platinum and it is a rare egg that doest have some kind of gem or expertly cut glass on it.

Their size range from the smallest almost quail sized egg, to the large and lavish ostrich sized jeweled egg. Some belive that the smaller eggs are actually worth more, as they are harder to work on and thusly, require greater skill. There is often a friendly rivalry between designers to see who can get the most complicated design on the smallest egg.

There are, as in any art, various fashions and themes that crop up in the designs. Various jewelers tend to stick to one type of design. Some may do complex geometric patterns, whilst another would specialise in animals, and yet another would do famous landmarks. It is considered bad-form amongst the top designers and makers to copy another’s design, unless you have permission, but this is normally given as long as some kind of credit is given E.G “Design inspired by Blurpherts ‘Homage to Fire'”

Hooks & Rumours

  • One batch of eggs made has in its middle some real dodo eggs.
  • A competition is being held to design the most lavish, expensive or complicated egg and show them off. This has been dubbed “Jegg-Fest” and the security for this event rivals that of a visiting dignitary.
  • A design for what was to be an artists masterpiece has been stolen. 4 months later,many cheep and tacky knock-off of this design appear on the market, although their sources are unknown.
  • Two egg designers have released what is, to the casual observer, the same result on the same day, after both of them spent months in isolation to work on it. The current theory is that there was both working off of the same design from a third artist, yet both are claiming their work is the original and the other is the copy. Investigations need to be made, especially as this is not the first time these two designers have released similar works on the same day.

Inspired by : Fabergé egg

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