A while ago, Ennead Games released the Quick NPC generator. This was themed around fantasy or medieval characters. The concept was a simple one. Take two d100 charts, one featuring personality and the other a career, job or profession. Roll the d100 twice , once for each table. You could save time by using the same number on each chart. This would then give a brief character concept or description, such as a Lazy Paladin, or Scheming Wizard.

The Quick NPC Generator SciFi Edition takes this concept and applies it to a sci-fi or modern setting.

The personality table is, for the most part, the same as the fantasy version.

The main difference is the second table. This is the one that gives you the career, job or profession for your character.

With 100 persoanlity traits and the same again for professions, jobs etc, you can have a possible 10,000 base combinations. This can be increased to more if you double the personality roll, giving you a possibble total of combinations of 1,000,000.

But what type of combinations can you get?

Using the standard version you can get such concepts as:

  • Cooperative Bounty Hunter
  • Joyful Geneticist
  • Ill Gambler
  • Enchanting Architect
  • Loud Writer
  • Placid Chef
  • Clever Priest
  • Loving Bodyguard
  • Fanciful Criminal
  • Fresh Professional Gamer

The extended version can give you ones like these:

  • Terrified Clever Holography Engineer
  • Haggling Spunky Tour Guide
  • Placid Interrupting Bounty Hunter
  • Doubtful Spunky Librarian
  • Sanctimonious Ill Ambassador
  • Pushy Horrible Janitor
  • Joyful Timid Artist
  • Self-disciplined Accomplished Architect
  • Haughty Realistic Smuggler
  • Timid Discouraged Politician


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