Former Blue Mountain Supercomputer facility at...
Former Blue Mountain Supercomputer facility at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LIMBO Supercomputer

When he was a child, Felix Freund,son of a German engineer who moved to the US in the 1950’s,became interested in computers. He was fascinated by them and would be quite happy to spend all his days with his father designing and building new machines, tinkering with existing designs and making bigger and better machines. This hobby became his life’s work and when his father passed away he set up a company with his inheritance to build bigger and better machines, eventually getting into supercomputer design.

That was 20 years ago. Today, Freundtech is a well-known and respected builder of supercomputers. Every 2 years they would unveil a bigger and better design. Governments from around the world and military organisations use Freundtech machines for various reasons. Stock exchanges are powered by them. The only thing stopping them from being a more common name is that Freundtech only design supercomputers, which is not something everyone can afford.

Their latest design, codenamed LIMBO, is set to blow everything else out the water. The current leading supercomputer can process 10 petaFLOPS. If the latest leaked info is correct, then LIMBO can process 15 exaFLOPS, maybe even more.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Some say that the designs for LIMBO was stolen from another company by a disgruntled employee who joined Freundtech just before the LIMBO announcement
  • Various theory about the choice of codename for the supercomputer exist,from the unofficial ones given by the engineers (the project was stuck in limbo for years) to other, more sinister and creepy theory.
  • LIMBO requires its own unique and independent power source and coolant system. The coolant is made by only one known company and they are being threatened by rivals to cut contact with Freundtech, who have asked the characters to help investigate this.
  • Freundtech is being accused of lying to their investors and that 15 exaFLOPS is simply not possible with the technology they have put forward.
  • Pressure is being put on Freundtech to issue an IPO and to start selling stock. Felix has flat-out refused to do this as it goes against everything his father taught him and wants to find out who keeps sending these anonymous “suggestions”.
  • Environmentalists and other ant-tech organisations are holding a peaceful rally outside Freundtech HQ to protest against both the environmental damage that the LIMBO building caused during it’s construction and, as they say, “the overuse and reliance of technology.”

Inspired by : Titan (supercomputer)

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