This week, the highlight is for a recently updated name generator, the Settlement Name Generator, to be exact. The first major update for this generator has given it more options in the names, result in more possible combinations. Some examples are given below.

Settlement Names
Lesser Harthedge Middle Oldmond
High Cedarmark Old Bellarbor
North Millcheth East Darkway
Lake Battleway Greater Ashenland
South Doorbury Low Horncheth

As you can see from the examples given above, these names have a British feel to them. More options are planned for the future and like the name genrators on this site,will be for various cultures such as elven, dwarfen and maybe some other real world options as well.

The system works by having two parts. The Prefix and the Suffix. The prefix, if one is ranomly chosen, consists of something like “North” or “Upper” or “Old” etc. Then comes the suffix, or the actual name. This name is in turn random created from a list of two parts combined into one name. All 2, or 3 if you wish to be correct, parts are combined and the result is outputted to the generator for you to use.

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