Just a mile north of a nearby town lies Castle Devrok. It’s last owner was known only by his title Blood Lord. The castle is a lone keep, with 5 irregular walls around it, with 3 tall and thin towers. The stones have a reddish tint to it. Sadly over the years it has started to crumble and fall apart and locals refuse to go near it, for all those who have are slowly driven mad – animals and humanoid alike. Even insects are driven insane and start attacking each other and any other creature. Plant life exists, but grows slower and has the same odd red tint as the stones, increasing in intensity the closer to the castle you get.


  • Who (or what) was the Blood Lord and why did they abandon the castle?
  • The red tinted stone is rumored to be infused with dragon blood and is somehow leaking into the environment
  • The basement dungeon of the castle contains an immortal creature who is waiting for the walls of their prison to fall apart so they can escape
  • What is inflicting the madness on anything living that gets close?
  • A powerful holy artifact, deadly to sentient undead, is rumored to be found in the keeps strongroom
  • The red tint and madness is starting to spread and grow
  • Some of the stones have somehow been removed from the castle and used to help rebuild a local town. A town that is now starting to have nightmares and sickness the healers can’t treat
  • Creatures that feed on blood are being drawn to the area in increasing numbers

This was created based on the ideas in this post:

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Article Used as Inspiration:Château d’Yèvre-le-Châtel


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