There are many definationas as to what makes an “Institute of Technology”, but they generally are places of higher education specializing in science, enginnering and technology. The Grandeur Institute of Technology(GIT) is one of the best in the country, if not the world. Founded almost 150 years ago, GIT has gone from a humble school deicated to the “new sciences” to the place to be if you want to learn about science and technoogy. Over the years it has grown from one building to the size of a small town, with many campus buildings, residences and recreation grounds. In effect the town IS the institute.

Their primary sources of income comes from a combination of public grants, donations and selling of any technology and science the students devlop,with the students getting either their education paid for or a % of any income made. The GIT is a very wealthy organisastion and is not afraid to pay for the best equipment and materials for their students, as it benefits them in the long term.

The students are encouraged to use their free time to come up with their own projects and are often granted extra credit. This has resulted in a freindly rivalry between the science students and the engineers/technologists.

Hook & Rumours

  • Fed up with the acronym of GIT, students there wish to rename the institute and are holding a debate on the matter
  • The government keeps an eye on certain indviauls who study at GIT and often recruit the best for their own projects
  • One of the students who reisdes at GIT has been found killed. Their body was dunked in liquid nitrogen and then shatted, only the head remained intact.
  • A Science Fair is being held within two weeks and many technological compaies will keeping an eye on the winners. The PC are invited to be judges or speakers at the fair.
  • The Hall of Records was broken into and ransacked. It appears nothing was stolen, so why was the Halls broken into.
  • The Science team are planning on an epic prank to play on the engineers and need the help of the PCs to pull it off.
  • Places at GIT are expensive but they have scholarships for the worthy. One of the PCs is offered the chance to win one.

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