Overview of the World’s Geography

The area behind the World Barrier is, as far as the inhabitants are concerned, IS the world. The Name Easthalen comes from the fact that it is the eastern part of the Halenic continent.
Old , pre-barrier maps show the world to be almost like any other. Inside, the world is very different when compared to others. The World is circular and covers an area that covers roughly 4 million square miles. Due to the spatial
and temporal bending nature of the Barrier, the exact size will never be known.

The main feature that makes this world stand out, apart from the ever-present barrier, is that it has only one ocean that is roughly circular. This, combined with the World Barrier, gives maps of Easthalen the appearance of a ring doughnut.
Sages proved that 000’s of years ago this ocean was formed when a meteor impacted. This impact crater was filled in and an artificial island constructed in the middle of it. This island was made to house the city-state of
Franner and ultimately the prison of the gods and the mad one after which the continent was named.

The Circle Ocean, sometimes called the Sea of Franner, or even simply The Ocean, has many small islands within it, but the largest is Franner island. It is literally the only ocean this side of the World Barrier. It has an average depth of 1200 meters, with the deepest being closer to 2000, although rumours persist or areas deeper than that. The Ocean is the roughly 200 miles across, with the isle of Franner taking up approximately 50 square miles, with the city occupying almost all of that land mass.

The City-island is connected to the mainland by one rather large bridge. This is the easiest way to get to the island as flight and sea-travel is rather risky, but not impossible, the closer to Franner you get.
Scholars believe this to be a side-effect of so many deities in close proximity to each other, whilst some believe it to be due to being at the centre of the World Barrier. Whatever the reason, the bridge is the best way to get to and from the city.

The vast majority of the world is a temperate and pleasant region. Deserts and frozen tundras do exist, but they all lie within, or very close to, The Bleed and are home to many nasty beings and monsters. It should be noted that distances and weather patterns become highly unstable in the Bleed, although pockets of stability are known to exist. There are several mountain ranges that exist, with one of them running right up to the Bleed. This area is highly volcanic and avoided at all costs by sensible beings. This does not stop those who seek fortune and glory from braving the area.

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