The Glass Tower(GT) is, as its name suggests, a tower made of glass. Well,mostly glass anyway. It stands at approximately 40 floors above ground and about the same number below ground. The outside glass is not normal glass as it would shatter under the pressure that all tall buildings suffer from. It is said to resemble an impossibly large glass dagger that has been thrust into the ground.
Apart from the semi-see through glass, what makes the GT standout is that fact that for 1/2 a mile around there is no vegetation. No grass grows, no flowers bloom. Nothing. The ground has been tested and nothing found to be wrong with it.
On certain days, about twice a year, the light will hit the GT in such a way as to make it seem like it is a tower of flame and fire.
At the moment the GT is currently uninhabited and unclaimed by any group or government, although scholars and scientists regularly attempt to study and date it. As such it is often used as neutral meeting ground for conferences and negotiations. Staying in the GT is a rather unnerving experience that can’t be explained, but the most common experience is that you feel like you are being watched and spied on…

But by whom?


  • The GT is an experiment sent by powers unknown into this universe to study those who live here and their mental processes
  • The tower is in fact a natural phenomena and one scientist has discovered a way to duplicate the process
  • The “glass” is in fact a form of diamond. Ten times stronger and worth x1000 more. If ,and only if, you can remove a piece, the wealth from this would be enough to purchase a kingdom
  • Attendees at a conference going on at the tower are starting to suffer from extreme paranoia and require the PCs to police it. If this conference fails a rather messy war would break out and no-one is trusting each other
  • The PCs are hired to map the lowest levels of the tower. This may seem easy but there is almost no natural light and the paranoia effect seems to get worse the lower you go.

This was created based on the ideas in this post:

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Article Used as Inspiration: Gallileo

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