Out of ideas? Need a story idea? Here’s some starting points. 

  1. A man awakes after a life-threatening injury to discover that both his arms and legs have been replaced with cybernetic implants.
  2. Two brothers become stranded on a lifeless planet. When they run out of supplies, one is forced to eat the other in order to survive.
  3. When an ordinary spaceship mechanic finds himself trapped in a virtual reality world of his own creation, he becomes the subject of a series of bizarre medical experiments.
  4. After a number of suspicious deaths aboard a deep space patrol vessel, the ship’s captain is suspected of murder, causing the crew to mutiny against him.
  5. Despairing at her inability to bear children, a woman visits a strange alien world seeking advanced medical treatment. The aliens are able to help her, but there may be consequences.

These ideas are generated by the random Sci-fi story idea generator on SciFiIdeas.com

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