Rivers are natural watercourse, normally freshwater. The Star River is no exception. It is located approx 1/2 a mile from the nearest town and as countless streams and tributaries that supply water to the local settlements. Its length is almost 33 miles long and at its widest it is 170 meters wide with a typical width of 110 meters. The source starts in the mountains and leads into a vast lake called Star Lake. It is thought to be named after the explorer who “officially” discovered it, Jethro Star, approx 175 years ago, but evidence is starting to emerge that there was an older civilisation that existed along its north bank over 1000 years ago.


  • The river is artificial created by the now-extinct civilisation
  • The older civilisation was wiped out by a naturally occurring super-flooding of the river that occurs every 1000 years
  • Rare minerals have started to appear in the water supply – Could this be a possible gold rush?
  • Descendents of the older civilisation are returning and want their land back
  • The river is starting to get very low – What is causing the drop in water?
  • Rare and valuable artifacts from the older civilisation have been discovered on the flood plain – Local archaeologists need help returning them to the nearest city, which is 5 miles downstream

This was created based on the ideas in this post:

Stats and details are expressed in generic terms to allow for use in as many games and genres as possible. As with other Campaign Chunks this is designed to be used as a starting block for your own ideas.

Article Used as Inspiration:River


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