Whilst not the longest canal system, the Sturgess Canal is the oldest, if not the first, in the region. Approximately 70 km long, it has 40 locks. the vast majority of the canal has a pathway on each side. Various settlements have sprung up along its length and for many places , this artificial river keeps the settlement alive.

The Sturgess Canal is named after the family that owns and operates it. They make their money from lock and toll fees. Having fees that are generally the lowest in the country, if not the world, has made the SC very popular. 90% of these fees go towards maintaining the pristine canal and paying the lock workers . Fines are imposed for dumping waste material.


  • The canal is being used to smuggle contraband into the city and the players are charged with night-time patrols
  • Someone has repeatedly sabotaged several of the locks along the canals length, hindering commerce and the food supply
  • The low lock and toll fees has raised suspicion as to how the Sturgess family is able to maintain the quality of the canal – Rumors suggest that the business is a front for money laundering.
  • A prominent member of the Sturgess family was found floating in the canal one morning, with a strange bruise on their face. The head of the family wants this matter investigated and is willing to pay very well and grant free transportation on the canal for life for whomever brings the killer to justice.
  • The water levels in the canal have started to drop, quite noticeably and despite no change in weather patterns. The players are hired to investigate the reasons behind this.

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Article Used as Inspiration:Briare Canal

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