No Campaign chunk this week, for several reasons, mainly down to me editing and expanding the existing ones and tweaking the details where needed. With Volume 10 I started making the chunks themed around a certain subject, last time it was all about mysteries.  Starting next week it will be between one of two possible subjects – Creatures or Locations.

If Creatures is chosen, then the next 10 weeks will cover beasts of various sizes, but, like all Chunks will be inspired by real life things. The same applies to Locations, but at the moment, I can’t decide if they should be dangerous locations or simply just interesting ones. Either way, these again will be inspired by real life locations, although the details may be tweaked or exaggerated. At the moment, Locations seems to have more possibilities, but you’ll have to wait till next week to see which one I have picked. Whatever one I choose , volume 12 will be the other. I am also

I will also be making two bundles on Drivethru for the Campaign Chunk series. Volumes 6-10 and 1-10 will be made for those who want to get a better value for money.


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