As with Campaign Chunks yesterday, there is no RIGS today. Trying to figure out a system to make RIGS for SciFi/Modern that I am happy with is proving harder than I first thought.

In the meantime, the next Sci-Fi related products will also be the first in a new dual line of PDFs I have called “Encounters & Events”.  By dual line, I mean there will be an E&E line for Fantasy type settings and another for Sci-Fi/Modern settings. For example, there will be E&E Fantasy 1, E&E Sci-Fi 1, then E&E Fantasy 2 etc. The plan is to have each part of the dual-line take turns with being published, but as with many things, this is not set in stone and may change as required.

Each will have a master d100 table that gives you ideas and brief  outlines for events experienced and encounters found, themed around a certain subject or location. The first volume, as previously mentioned, will be a sci-fi theme of derelict starships.  Many, if not all of the main entries, will have a sub-table that provides further options for the encounter or event outline. Precise details will be left deliberately vague and open, to allow it to be used in as many stories and games as possible.


11 – Bounty Hunter

You have run into a bounty hunter on this ship. They are…

D20 Bounty Hunter
1 – 4 Being hunted/pursued
5 – 8 Hunting a non-sentient
9 – 12 Hunting a sentient
13 – 16 Looking for you
17 – 20 Trying to stay out your way

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