English: Domestic goat smile. Crimea, mountain...
English: Domestic goat smile. Crimea, mountains near Balaklava. Улыбка домашней козы. Крым, горы возле Балаклавы. Latina: Capra aegagrus hircus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Campaign Chunk – Northern Goat-Antelope

The Northern Goat Antelope (NGA), is a ruminant mammal – That is it is a mammal that acquire nutrients from plant-based food by fermenting it in a specialized stomach prior to digestion, much like a cow does. The NGA typical stands around 70-80 cm when fully grown and has a distinctive pair of curved and spiral horns on both sides of its head. It is not uncommon for a male NGA to have one of their horns broken or damaged due to the head-butting that occurs when their fight other males.

For the most part, the NGA is a friendly creature and a few tribes have tried in the part to domesticate or farm the NGA, with others treating them as sem-feral pets. Only a few have succeeded at breeding though , for reasons unknown. The meat of the NGA is not popular for eating, as it’s considered rather bitter, but that doesn’t stop some chefs using it in a speciality dish.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Demand for the pelt of the NGA has skyrocketed lately, due im part to a controversial fashion show that had the hide of the NGA as part of the main dress that was worn by a supermodel during fashion week.
  • Folk-lore has it that the horns of the NGA, when ground up make for a potent cure for many neurological diseases. A few bio-chemists have started to noticed rather promising results for chemicals extracted from the horns. they need more but the local population has become almost extinct in the lat few years.
  • A major food critic suffered an almost fatal allergic reaction after eating a meal that contained NGA. The chef continues to claim that someone has contaminated the meat at the source and the players are asked to investigate
  • A farmer claims to have discovered the secret to breeding the NGA in captivity and will reveal their secrets at a conference to be held very soon

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Article Used as Inspiration: Japanese serow

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