The Superhero Kit is designed to help flesh out and provide ideas and inspiration for your superhero themed characters.

Costumes are a vital part of many hero’s identity.  They help to protect their real-life identity of the hero and their loved ones from vengeance by a wrathful villain. From the simple mask that protects and hides the face, to the more extravagant spikes should pads, the costume should be as unique and memorable as the hero (or even villan) it is worn by.

This is broken down into several sections. You can use all of them or just use what’s provided to help fill in the blanks.

  • Accessories, such as glasses, or a dashing monocle
  • Adornments & Logo
  • Arms & Legs gear
  • Belts and other midriff area garments
  • Boots and Shoes
  • Capes, from long and short to wing like
  • Chest/Torso
  • Glove and hands
  • Hats, Helmets & Head Gear
  • Masks that help to hide the most recognisable part of the hero – their face
  • Shoulders, from the plain to the spikes
  • Colours suggester for the v various parts of the costumes
  • Logo Ideas, from the simple to the complex
  • Example Special properties for the costume, such as being bullet proof or acid resistant. This may not be for all parts of the costume. You could have a cape that is bullet proof and have to wrap it around yourself to provide protection.

Both parts of the kit are available at the links below.

Superhero Kit Part 2 : Costume

Superhero Kit Part 1 : Name

As with other products, these will also be featuring in the near future in a generator on this site that will feature some of the ideas in the generators. Not all of them of course, you have to get the pdfs for that.

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