Sandys’ Guitar
The guitar is a popular musical instrument classified as a string instrument with anywhere from 4 to 18 strings, typically having 6. The musician who goes by the single name of “Sandy” is well known for her acoustic guitar playing and playing it in ways that other guitar players find difficult or impractical, such as behind her back or above her head. Critics say that her work can be boring and derivative and that her fame comes from her method of playing and not the quality of her music.

Sadly though Sandy’s fame didn’t last after she was killed in a tragic driving accident at the age of 38, her guitar was in the car with her. It survived the crash with only a very small scratch on the wood panel. After the crash, the guitar was , as per her will, passed to a local music academy for students to use. It became a tradition at the academy, with the guitar being used to train new students who lacked talent, but “who have the heart and soul of a true artist”.

Hooks & Rumours

  • A common belief that the guitar currently owned by Sandy has been owned by many other artists through the years.
  • A Sandy tribute artist calling themself “Mandy” is playing nearby and rumors suggest she has the original guitar Sandy used.
  • Persistent rumors abound that Sandy died due to being drunk behind the wheel, despite being known as someone who never drunk anything stronger than tea.
  • Anyone who trains using the guitar starts to develope an odd personality, but their playing improves greatly.
  • The guitar has in fact gone missing and the one at the academy is a very good fake. The lack of the scratch on the main panel is being explained away as it being repaired.

Inspired by : Guitar

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