This week’s generator is now live and produces a quick and simple name for your disease/malady.

Like most of the other simple generators on this site, it works off two d100 tables that when combined give 10,000 possible combinations.

The two main tables are Descriptor and Affliction.

Descriptor covers the first part of the name and as the part-name suggests, is a descriptor of the disease. This has the most variation to it as it covers the origin of the disease (Does it come from the mountains or the desert), the typical colouration the disease produces (black, scarlet etc) and much more

Affliction covers the area of the body the disease targets or the style of the disease, such as elbow, of plague etc.

As mentioned before, the two 100 tables together can produce 10,000 possible combinations,some examples of which are below:

Disease/Malady Name
Northern Congestion Lymphatic Punishment
Divine Congestion Jaundiced Swelling
Elven Delirium Purple Ague
Gnomish Carbuncle Lord’s Terror
Mountain Degeneration Agonising Shoulder

Once you have the name you will also want to decide on the details about it as well, such as what the cure for it may be (is there is one), what are the symptoms, what’s the likelihood of catching this disease etc.

Check out the generator today and if you like it, get the PDF as well.


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