English: Jaquet-Droz automata, musée d'Art et ...
English: Jaquet-Droz automata, musée d’Art et d’Histoire de Neuchâtel  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Automata, sometimes called Automaton, is a self-operating machine. The word “automaton” is the latinization of the Greek,  αὐτόματον, automaton, or “acting of one’s own will”. It is normally used to describe non-eletrical moving machines that resemble people or animals that perform certain repeating tasks, such as writing or appearing to play chess.

Phillip DeMerch  was a french clock & toy-maker who specialised in automatons.  He lived around 150 years ago, in a small town south of Paris. His work was not really known outside of his hometown, but those in the trade would travel from across the country, sometimes even the world just to see his work.

His most famous piece was one he never got to finish or even name. Records indicated that it was commissioned by a wealthy noble for their childs 10th birthday. Sadly DeMerch never finished it. He was found dead in his workshop , his heart and eyes removed and the work-in progress automata lost, giving it its name”.  From notes and working materials, it is believed that the LA was to be his finest work and DeMerch often mentioned to his friends that he was “putting his heart and soul” into the work.

2 weeks later , it was discovered in the remains of a manor fire. The lord of the manor, who was the one for whom the work was commissioned, was the only survivor from a family of 6. The loss of his estate and family broke the man’s mind and his was sent to parts unknown and his possessions, including the automata, sold on.


Hooks & Rumors

  • DeMerch was rumored to have also dabbled in the occult arts and that one of his creations contained human blood in the paint that covered it.
  • Everyone who has come into possession of a automata from DeMerch has died under horrific  and bloody circumstances. The so-called”Lost” automata seems to have an even deadly curse in that the death occurs to the owners family and freinds,but not the one who claims it.
  • The LA once ended up in a orphanage. This orphanage was burgled and the LA taken. The thieves were found dead the next day, their eyes removed. Later the orphanage received a rather large anonymous donation.
  • A decadent of DeMarch is trying to locate the LA and is willing to pay a rather large amount for its safe return.
  • Someone has purchsed the orginal plans and notes for the Automata and will be attempting to recrete it, using as many as the orginal parts as possible.


Inspired by : Jaquet-Droz automata 

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