The Gift by Bobby Chiu
The Gift by Bobby Chiu

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This week inspirational image is “The Gift” by Bobbi Chiu.

The Ancient One had been asleep for what seemed like thousands of years, until something forgotten brought him back from the depth of sleep. The small female child of man stood before it, offering up a small red like object up as a gift.

  • Who is the girl?
  • What is the purpose of the gift? Would the Ancient One take offense at being offered what looks like an apple or would they be grateful for contact with a descendant?
  • Why was the tree-being asleep? Why did this small girl awaken him?
  • Where is this taking place..Why are there no other tree-beings nearby?
  • When did the ancient one fall asleep?

Credit :  The Gift

There are many other awesome and inspirational images on the web these days. Here’s a few more that you might enjoy or inspire you .

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