The town of Ridal, settled in the eastern mountain range is a typical mining town. Population approximately 7000. All rely on the mine which used to focus on coal until they discovered a rich vein of gold and other precious minerals. Not enough to spark a gold-rush,but enough resources to keep to town going for a long time. sensibly they are using the resources found to build other sources of income for the town. All in all life there is busy, but peaceful.

Until 2 weeks ago when a dead body was found at the entrance to the main part of the mine. The woman , who if she was still alive, would have been almost 5 foot 4 inches tall, with dark hair and brown eyes. The body was found with her neck broken and the back of her skull caved in. Initial autopsies report confirm she was killed by the blow to the head, but before hand she was also strangled.

Once the mine was reopened a few days later,a small box was found down the mine shaft. It had the woman’s finger prints on it, plus what appears to be blood and fingerprints of another person. Within the locked box was found to be several passport of the woman, each with a different identity and one for a child, some cash and other miscellaneous documents that could be used for identification purposes. There was also a small notebook with some pages torn out.

Hooks & Rumours

  • The WoR was believed to be a descendant of the town/mine founder come to visit with some shocking news regarding the current mayor
  • A character is accused of being the one to which the other fingerprints belong, but is quickly found to be innocent
  • The picture of the child bears a resemblance to a famous person or possible a PC. Is it a younger version of themselves, their child or simple coincidence
  • The notebook has gone missing from the evidence locker
  • Some are saying that the body was a set-up to help get the town noticed in the national news
  • The town is actually about to run dry and the woman had evidence that confirmed this.
  • The woman was killed by her husband trying to locate their child.
  • The woman was in fact insane and the blunt trauma that killed her was in fact an accident that is being covered up

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Article Used as Inspiration: Isdal Woman

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