It has been mentioned before that magic in Easthalen is dangerous. All can use it, but only a few know how to suppress the side effects when casting. These are the wizards and sorcerers of the world. But sometimes others find themselves in situations where they need to use the ambient magic in an emergency or they simply don’t care. The side effects , although centered on the “caster” can sometimes be very destructive and resistant to standard methods of control – Fires ignore water poured on them, acid burns longer and harder etc.

So how do you deal with these forces that have run wild through misuse or accident? The Arcane Protectors are the magical equivalent of paramedic, firefighter and police. They deal with the fallout.Equipped with spells,miracles and artifacts both regular and legendary, theses combinations of warriors+priests+mages are both feared and respected the world over. The fear comes both from their awesome power and the fact that if you see one you know something has juts gone really bad or is about to. The respect comes from the same reasons.

Offically independent of all nations and Houses, the AP have their headquarters and main training area at the other end of the Franner Bridge(the only land based way of getting to Franner) with several secondary training centers around the world – One exists in the Bleed and is for the final stages of training of dealing with Surges in dangerous areas and you can’t get more dangerous and unpredictable than the Bleed with its proximity to the barrier.

The AP traditionally do not directly charge for their services, but a donation of either goods or services, such as food and lodgings, is allowed. This allows for small towns to have at least one AP available to them. The majority of AP do not abuse their situation, but is has been known in the past for some to ..suggest… that the mayor or local authorities may wish to do something in another way. These people do not last long in their position as they are soon dealt with by an AP Inquisitor and the results are not pleasant if found guilty.

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