The world is full of many mysterious sights and creatures. It is also home to a few odd sounds as well. The lake town of Calmview is one such location.

At random intervals, ranging from a day to two months, a loud boom, like a mixture of thunder and a cannon, is heard. This sound can vibrate walls and Smaller regular sounds occur at regular intervals. So exact are this small booms that you can set you watch by them, with some small booms on the hour and others every day at 6:00 am. These smaller booms can be drowned out or ignored quite easily.

No-one can make out the exact location that the sound comes from, but the majority of the time it appears to originate above lake Harmony, the lake by which Calmview resides. Once, 34 years ago the Thunder Cannon(as the locals have dubbed it) appeared to go off above the middle of town, right as an unpopular mayor was making a demand to the local people. The boom that day made several people permanently deaf, including the mayor who left town soon after.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Some belive that the military are conducting low altitude sonic flights in craft that are invisible to the naked eye and the sound being heard is in fact a sonic boom. Why then has there been stories about the sonic boom like sound for a very long time
  • Legends say that over 1000 years ago, the sound was more harmonious and pleasant to listen too and was the reason why the lake was given the name Harmony in the local language.
  • The original founders of the town choose to settle here because of the sound. Why did they pick this location?
  • The smaller and variant booms occur with precise regularity, down to the second.
  • Calmview has no dogs or cats living with people. any that are brought into the area eventually go mad and have to be put down.
  • Calmview doesn’t seem to suffer from adverse weather. No storms, hurricanes or anything else similar have ever been recorded in this location. Apart from the Thunder Cannon, the weather, as the town name suggests, very calm. Meteorologists want to find out why

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