Artefacts of Power in Easthalen – Part 2 – Artefacts

Last week the location where the most dangerous artefacts of Easthalen are stored was detailed, known to the outside world as the Archive, one of its many names.
This week I’ll be listing a few of the items contained in this deadly location. Only a small amount of information has been released by those who reside within the Archive, so as to protect the secrets
within and the population outside. (Or to put it in OOC talk – To allow for more details to be added later or even changed)

Glove of Deflection
Anyone wearing this glove had any spells aimed at them, be they positive or negative deflect and hit the nearest target. This glove was impossible to remove once worn and only came off once the user wearing it was dead.

Sword of Eva
A sword that didn’t injure, but instead made the victim the obedient slave of whomever it “killed” – Made for the warrior, Queen Eva, she grew to despise this weapon even though it was her most powerful tool.

Tablet of the Knowing Mind
Believed to be one of the few techno-magic artefacts the Archive has, the TotKM granted its user the ability to see into the mind of another. The major downside was once established,
this link could not be turned off plus it linked all who had used the tablet together mentally. The more it was used, the more insane the previous and current users got.

Trident of Summer
Rumoured to have been the cause of the Chaotic Desert, this trident draw moisture from its target when hit and stores it for later release. Legends say it was grasped from its user and slammed into the ground near the Bleed and
Great Barrier, causing the formation of the Chaotic Desert as all the moisture from the area was drawn up into the Trident and magically stored.

Icon of the Eternal Pyramid
Not dangerous in itself, but it is the only way to not only find, but open the Eternal Pyramid. Some believe it also allows the user to control the EP and all its functions, other say it IS the EP in shrunken form.

Seed of Creation
One of the few non-harmful artefacts, it is probably the most legendary, yet many believe this small, acorn like object to be a fairy tale. The tales that the bards sing tell of the seed that, when planted in the right place at
the right time, will remake the world without harming those who dwell within the Barrier.




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