This chunk is the revised and updated version found in “Campaign Chunks Volume 1“. The original chunk can be found here.

Death of a Beauty Queen

Relina Martez was both a beautiful woman and political activist. Born to Perez and Melinda Martez, who were both wealthy career politicians. Not long after Relinas birth, Melinda was diagnosed with lung cancer. Although she survived she was never able to bear children again, making Relina an only child. Her parents vowed not to spoil her and raised their daughter to be thankful for what she had and to help others where possible.

On her 16th birthday she entered her first beauty pageant and won an unprecedented perfect score from almost all the judges in all categories. Rumours began to circulate that her parents had paid off the judges for this verdict, but nothing was proven

Not long past her 25th birthday, she started to use her fame as a beauty queen and pageant winner to help promote her political ideals.

One day, not long after her 27th birthday, she simply disappeared. 3 weeks later her body was found, dumped on the front steps of her parents’ home, her body bruised and broken with a note attached. The note, roughly translated from the cryptic code is written in was simply “Here ends the lesson…”

Her parents retired officially from political life, her father drinking more than would be socially acceptable and her mother going to regular therapy sessions.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Relinas’ death was faked to make her a martyr for her last political cause and the body found was not hers
  • Relina’s death was faked – By Relina. Annoyed by what she perceived to be the constant pressure to perform and be perfect, she faked her death and left the note to throw investigators off her trail. She now lives on the other side of the world, has died her hair and dresses in a way to tone down her beauty and not be regonised.
  • Multiple groups are claiming her death as their own act – Which group, if any of them, is telling the truth and why are the others lying
  • Some of Relinas fans have taken her death badly and started revenge killing her known opponents and enemies
  • Why was the note written in a cryptic language and what does the message mean?
  • Some believe the original note’s message was not “Here ends the lesson” but something else, like a clue to the identity of Martez’s killers, as the writing
  • The note was mistranslated and should be “Here BEGINS the lesson”
  • Persistence rumours abound that Perez abused Relina as a child.
  • One popular theory is that Relinas death was organised not by a political entity, but a rival in the beauty queen circuit, jealous of her fame
  • Another theory is that she was killed by a lover who she had spurned after many an advance and that at the time of her death she was pregnant
  • The death was not due to something Relina had done, but was a message to her parents from a political rival

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