Sphen by danieljoelnewman
Sphen by danieljoelnewman

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This week’s image is featured above and is called Sphen by danieljoelnewman.

The father-protector carries it’s eggling back to the nest. The weather has been pleasant for this arctic like wasteland, but the hunting has been poor, forcing the father-protector to hunt further and further from the nest, leaving his life-mate back to protect the village from the hunters.

  • Who is the father-protector?
  • Who , or what, are the hunters?
  • What is he hunting for? How much does he require to feed and bring back to the nest?
  • What is the name of the species of this beast?
  • Why not leave the egg back at the nest?
  • Where is the nest? Is it far from his current position?
  • When will the father-protector have to return to the nest if at all?

Credit :  danieljoelnewman

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