Campaign Chunk Volume 10.5 – Green Children of Goating

In the 12th century, in Woolpit, England, there was a legend of two children with bright green skin who appeared in the village one day. They spoke an unknown language and only consumed beans. Eventually, they learned from the children that came from an underground world that had much more people like them in it.

This was considered to be nothing more than a folk-tale or exaggeration until 6 weeks ago. In the town of Goating, two children were discovered when an abandoned mine was re-opened.
Like the original Green Children, they spoke no language that could be understood. Preliminary tests seem to indicate that the children are twins and that their skin colouration is permanent. However, they are not able to determine if the colour is natural or artificial.

Media interest in the children has exploded around the world, with many people coming to the town to try to study the children and learn from them. This attention has also brought down some unwanted attention from those who claim the children are “spawn of the devil” and abominations. Even a few rather public scientists have gone on record as saying that they should be treated as though they are dangerous. Opinion is divided on the matter and things are getting worse because of it.

A few days ago, the children spoke their first words in a language that could be understood. It seems to be a mixture of Spanish and Mandarin and another unknown language. Translated the words seem to mean “Beware Below – The rising begins”

Hooks & Rumours

  • Over the last 6 months, 3 more cases of “Green Children” have surfaced in various locations not far from Goating.
  • Some are claiming that the children are a hoax put in the mine by local environmentalists to help bring attention to the damage the mining company is doing to the area.
  • Some are saying that the green skin colouration is the result of an environmental contamination
  • Many are claiming that the children are related to them, but every genetic test is proving that the children are not related to them.
  • Something large has been detected below the mine. All scans return nothing but an indication that “something” is there. An expedition into the mine is being organised and expert and volunteers are been screen for the expedition
  • One of the twins health has started to rapidly decline – Some are believing the children have been poisoned
    A few are saying that the words spoken by the children have been mistranslated and should, in fact, be something more like “Come to us – The wealth awaits”

Inspired by – Green children of Woolpit

Volume 9 of the compiled and updated Campaign Chunks is available at–Volume-9

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