Campaign Chunk Volume 10.9 – Grey Blobs

Oakville, Washington in the USA had unusual phenomena occur on August 7th, 1994. Starting at 3 am and 6 times over a period of 3 weeks, a series of gelatinous blobs that looked almost like large rice and were the size of hailstones began to fall on the town. Later that day, a lot of people, especially those who had come into contact with the blobs started getting ill.

Those that got ill from contact reported breathing, extreme vertigo, blurred vision, and an increasing sense of nausea. For many it was like an odd flu-like disease. Several animals, including cats and dogs, died from contact with the Grey Blobs.

Many samples of the grey materials were collected and sent away for analysis, and it was discovered that it contained, amongst other things, human cells. This led to one theory that the blobs were somehow from an airplane toilet system and was almost accepted until it was pointed out that airplanes colour their waste material from the toilets blue and are forbidden from releasing this so-called “blue ice” in mid-flight. Further studies revealed that the material had definitely been made of something that is, or more correctly was, alive at some point.

As with any mystery, all of this would have faded into obscurity eventually if not for the fact that just recently, a small village in Northern China has been reported as having the blobs as well for the last couple of weeks.

Hooks & Rumours

  • A few scientists have gone over the records of the incident and have discovered that some of the blobs grew when exposed to high-intensity UV light, but dissolved in standard light. Why was this information kept under high security?
  • More reports are coming in from around the world about the appearance of these grey blobs. There appears to be no obvious pattern to the emergence and some are suggesting they are the work of a small cell of terrorists testing a new form of biological weapon in various circumstances to discover what is the most optimum method of dispersal.
  • Some people have been discovered to be immune to the blobs illness effect. Scientists and authorities are looking for anyone who matches the pattern of blood type and gene markers to help with the studies and are paying a large amount of money in compensation.
  • Frozen samples of the blobs have gone missing from their storage location. The facility was trashed but only the blobs had been taken

Inspired by – Oakville Blobs

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