Campaign Chunks returns next week with a modified format – Each volume will be about a certain theme or subject. Volume 10s planned theme is mysteries & the unexplained. Most, if not all of these, are based on real events that have occurred. Some have been resolved, but the majority are still making people wonder what was going on and what really happened.

English: Museum train, property of Slovenske ž...
English: Museum train, property of Slovenske železnice. Photographed at the Mokronog train station, Slovenia. Steam train SŽ 25-026, manufactured in 1920, Vienna. Slovenščina: Muzejski vlak, last Slovenskih železnic. Fotografiran na železniški postaji Mokronog (kraj Puščava), Slovenija. Parna lokomotiva SŽ 25-026, izdelana leta 1920 na Dunaju. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Campaign Chunk Volume 10.01 – Locomotive XY-67

Throughout World War II, the Nazis used trains to move goods and people around to where they needed them to be. When WWII ended almost all of the trains had been captured and their goods seized. However a few were deliberately destroyed and others damaged to help hinder the liberating forces. Some, though, oddly, simply went missing. The train known in records as simply “Locomotive XY-67” was one of the missing trains.

Locomotive XY-67, often referred to as simply ’67 was a steam powered transport train. Originally designed to move a large number of heavy goods around the region, it was repurposed towards the end of WWII for more covert operations, as much as a train could be considered to be covert. Before the end of the War, the train, as anyone could tell, vanished from all records. It left Berlin at 10:30 am towards a un-recorded destination – Two days later, is was officially listed as “missing” and the matter closed.

The mystery of its fate would have remained in the history book until it was discovered one day when a railway enthusiast purchased on old station. In one of the maintenance sheds, was Locomotive XY-67, rusting and close to falling apart, thousands of miles from where it was last recorded on a train line that had bee its route, with no direct connection between the two.

Hooks & Rumours

  • There is believed to be a second train with the same serial number used to help distract those who would track it and record its location.
  • Some are claiming that ’67 was carrying something that could have helped the Nazis in the final days of WWII and that it was moved somehow between two lines by means of a temporary track
  • Records have been discovered that claim to detail the last journey of ’67. Experts are currently working to determine if the first findings are true and if so what happened to the cargo.
  • The current owner of the train is looking for a buyer – He is claiming that he has had nothing but bad luck since he purchased the train.
  • A few have suggested that the last journey of ’67 was a rescue mission, smuggling those out of the country before the war ended. This theory is gaining ground with new evidence suggestion that several wanted war criminals used the confusion in the finals days to escape capture
  • Many are asking why the train was classified as missing and the case closed so quickly. Officials at the time were quick to brush the matter to one side or to reassign those who kept asking the wrong questions.


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