RIGS 4.01 – Net of the Animal trainer

“We had been hunting the beast for weeks. It was large, a mutant of some kind, with a disturbingly high intelligence. Yet we needed it alive, its blood was valuable to the war effort. To this day, I don’t know how we caught it, but we did. Then Belzar made some weird gesture over the captured beast whilst uttering some words. I swear to She-who-forges that the net glowed. Belzar then commanded the beast to stand up. It did. He commanded it to follow us calmly back to town. It did. We had finally captured the creature and would still have it here today if Fligial didn’t remove the net that time…”

Net of the Animal trainer
Power Level: Artefact (10)
Activation: Touch – Complicated Pattern
Approximate Age: Few – 3 years
Condition: Average (5)

The Net of the Animal Trainer is an artifact designed to control those who contained with in. Any creature with any semblance of intelligence can become a victim. The net itself resembles a large hunting net, with weights and other parts that a typical net would have. Those that hold it feel a slight urge to run and hunt, but this is easy to ignore.

Activation of the nets main power is a two-fold process, assuming the being you wish to control is under the net. First, a complicated gesture must be made, tracing out certain symbols in the air above the net as the second part, a simple command word is spoken. Whilst under the net the creature is under the complete control of the one who made the gesture. They will literally do anything that is commanded of them, even kill themselves.

A secondary power of this artifact allows the net to hit and entangle the target, as long as they are within 20 feet of the user. Many have used the net is this fashion to hunt and fish as it never fails to hit what it is aimed at.

The major downside to this artifact is that the victim is fully aware of what they are being asked to do and by whom. If the net is ever removed then they are filled with vengeance for the one who controlled them and are immune to any commands from the controller for 24 hours, even if the net is used again.

It is believed that the only way to destroy the net is with another artifact capable of cutting the rope it is made from.

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