Mantis Shrimp

Campaign Chunk Volume 12.02 – Mantis Shrimp

The Mantis Shrimp is technically not actually a shrimp, but a member of the order Stomatopoda. There are about 400 species that belong this order. They can be found
These carnivorous “Shrimps” are typical around 10 cm in size. They have a carapace that covers the back of their head and the first few segments of their thorax(or chest). Most versions of the Mantis Shrimp also possess two distinctive features: their eyes and two large claws, in addition to the rest of their legs and other basic features. Sometimes called “sea locusts”, “prawn killers” and “thumb splitters” by those cultures who have encountered the MS over the many years.

The eyes of the MS are one of the most elaborate visual systems ever discovered. Humans possess 3 types of colour receptors in our eyes, which to put in simple terms can be referred to as Red, Green and Blue. The MS has, in comparison 16 colour receptors. Its is theorised that this is one reason why the MS is also, for a so-called shrimp, very colourful.

The claws of these small predators are, for its size, one of the most deadly natural attacks in the world. Some have suggested that when these claws “fire” they do so with the velocity of a gun, in less than 3 thousandths of a second with a force equal to 1,500 newtons. In other words, if you are its prey and hit by this, you will most likely die. Due to the speed at which this happens, the water near the claws undergoes a process called supercavitation, which, when these bubbles collapse, produces a shockwave, small bursts of light and heats the water. If it misses you, you still have the deal with the shockwave stunning you. If you are very unlucky to be its prey, you could have both, all faster than the blink of an eye.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Although not a shrimp, a few restaurants have been caught selling the mantis shrimp, as if it was a new type of normal shrimp, to unsuspecting customers. They are claiming that their supplier told them it was a real shrimp, yet the supplier is claiming that they brought the goods knowing full well what they were. Whilst there is no danger to eating the MS, the argument has caught the attention of the news networks with due to the mislabeling of what people are buying.
  • A geneticist has claimed that she has managed to splice the gene that grants the 16 colour receptors into laboratory mice. There is much derision amongst the scientific community as this particular scientist has been known to make outlandish claims before, but fro what has been published, a growing umber is starting to suspect she is, this time, telling the truth.
  • An aquarium is having trouble keeping its MS in its display as they keep breaking the glass , each time costing more and more money to find a replacement stronger than the last.
  • A small developing nation has revealed it has a suit of power-armor based on the MS. The majority of the world is openly mocking this nation for its outlandish claims, but in a few covert agencies, plans are being made to acquire this highly-advanced technology for their marines, as tests are looking very favourable.

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