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RIGS SciFi 1.02 – Glarati Organic Interface

“The Glarati were long gone from this sector, they had given it to us after we saved their homeworld from a disaster. All the technology that they had was here as well which they said we could harvest and use as we saw fit. We saved them, they felt like they owed us. What no-one in the public really knew about them was there was a sub-faction that practically worshiped bio-technology. Their interfaces are incredible. They would patch directly into your nervous system with no pain what so ever. If anything it was quite pleasant. And the speed at which you could control anything linked to that interface was simply..astounding..even our technology performed at rates we could never coax from it otherwise. It looks like this alliance is proving very fortunate for us both…”

Activation: DNA sample – species based and Time
Complexity: 52%
Condition: Old, but serviceable
Control method: Thought

This rather disgusting bit of bio–tech belonged to a species that specialised in bio-technology. At some point in their history, a faction decided that bio-technology was the way forward. Understanding that not every bit of tech in the universe was compatible with their “normal” technology, they made their bio-tech adaptable and able to interface with almost anything. Sadly for the rest of the universe, the Glarathi, whilst masters of bio-tech, do not have the same concept of beauty and design and the GOI can be best described as a sphincter that for many species resembles, well the latter part of the digestive system. The user “feeds” the interface a few nutrients from its own system, but this is such a small amount that would wonder only notice it after many hours of use.

Abilities and Features
Once installed, which is a very easy process handled mostly by the interface itself, using a GOI is a very simple, if rather disgusting process. The user must simply insert their hand into the opening which forms a tight seal around it. A contact-based neuro-gel then allows the user to control the interface and thus the device it is attached too , with a speed and efficiency that most normal, electrical based technology could never hope to achieve. The more the GOI is used by the same person to control the same object the more it, for want of a better expression, learns. As time goes by, and this can be quite rapid. Information can be returned to the user in whatever form they desire, from vocal to a “projection” to simple tactile feedback or even a combination.

Apart from the rather disgusting way the GOI is used, the main disadvantage is that the device needs to learn or configure itself to both its primary user and the device it is attached to. This prevents it from being much use in emergency, unless it is already established. The second is that for the user, the connection between them and the GOI is mildly addictive. The Interface, after all, is a living thing and needs the nutrients and energy it gets from its user. It wants and needs to be used, so makes the experience a rather pleasant one and uses the addiction it causes to encourage its use. However, this can easily be broken by not using the Interface for a week.
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