Campaign Chunk Volume 13.04 Baobab tree

The Baobab tree, also known as the ‘boab’, ‘boaboa’, ‘bottle tree’, ‘the tree of life’, ‘upside-down tree’, and ‘monkey bread tree’ is the common name of the genus of trees Adansonia. There are nine species in total. Six of them live in parts of Madagascar, two in mainland Africa, and one can be found in Australia.

The trees reach heights of 5 to 30 meters and trunk diameters of 7 to 11 meters. For the majority of the year, the tree is leafless and it has been said to look like it has its roots sticking up in the air. The bark is red-brown or purple-gray. When it does have leaves they are dark green and glossy, with white, large, fragrant flowers that are pollinated by bats and moths. Fruit of baobab is a rich source of vitamins C and A, and minerals such as iron, calcium, and potassium.

One thing that the Boab is known for is that it holds a rather large amount of water in its trunk, which some think can be up to 100.000 liters of water. Local animals, such as elephants chew on the bark during the dry seasons as a source of hydration. Another thing they are known for is their age, with one being believed to be over 1200 years old.

These trees are quite sturdy. In fact, one such tree in Western Australia was hollowed out and used as a temporary prison for convicts on their way to a more permanent prison towards the end of the 19th century.

Hooks & Rumours

  • A few elephants have been spotted being wild and aggressive. After a thorough investigation, it appears to be traced back to a series of boab trees in their territory. These trees appear to have been tampered with and chemicals added to the bark. As yet no-one has figured out why, but it appears to be spreading to nearby areas.
  • Whilst clearing a path for a road, one Baoab tree was accidently knocked over. It was discovered that this tree was close to 5000 years old. The family owning the land it was on are now claiming damages against the construction company, yet a few people are contesting that the land the tree was on was in fact owned by another. This family is known to the locals for their shading dealings and an investigation is underway.
  • A movie is being made about prisoners and criminals that feature a Baobab tree being used as a prison. They are trying to find one that was used as a prison before but with certain other specifications that they require for the film.
  • Someone has been systematically going around the locals preserves and destroying Baobab trees. When viewing on a map they appear to be following a pattern, but as of yet, the pattern does not appear to be complete, nor have the authorities figured out a reason behind it.


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