RIGS SciFi 2.04 – Personal Teleporter Controller

“The Magmax Personal Teleporter Controller is the latest in personal transportation activation. It’s light, easy to use and can be worn on your wrist. You can store up to 10 locations on our standard model or 20 on the premium model. The process is quick, painless and covers anywhere in the network, which, as you know Magmax covers the entire planet. Our satellite network is always updated, with multiple fail-safes and backups. The inbuilt energy grid siphon circuit powers it with each use. Travel has never been more simple or safer. And soon, we’ll be releasing our new Luna model, allowing you to travel to our very own moon in the blink of an eye…”

Activation: button
Complexity: 27%
Condition: good
Control method: button/screen press



The Personal Teleporter Controller(PTC) can be said to resemble what people living in the 21st century on Terra would call a smart watch. It ha a flat screen that is configurable by the user. It has various buttons that control the destination, storing a destination or configuring the device. Using it is as simple as deciding where you want to go and pressing the button. 10 seconds later you are teleported via the network to your destination.


Abilities and Features

Aside from the teleportation, the PTC is an incredibly safe way of travel. The inbuilt safety protocols are what’s makes the PTC expensive. They prevent other “untheorised” material from being brought along when you teleport and that the arrive site is clear of material. If it is not, then it moves you to an appropriate safe location nearby. If there is not one due to, for example, an accident causing a building to collapse around the destination, then it alerts you that the option chosen is unsafe.



The first commonly known disadvantage, but some would say is quite minor, is that you, or more correctly the PTC, needs to go to the location or co-ordinates you wish to store. For a small fee, Magmax will pre-store several locations on the handset. The second is that the cheaper fake models do not feature the error detection protocols that the official ones do. Using one of these vastly reduces the cost of the PTC to 20% of the original, but increase the chances of errors by up to 80%.


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