Campaign Chunk Volume 13.05 Sunflower

The Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is one of the most recognized flowers on earth. It is an annual plant, in that it germinates, flowers and dies in one year. There are more than 60 varieties found around the world and its colouration ranges from the famous yellow to orange or even red. It is the only flower that has the word “flower” in its name.

The “head” of the Sunflower is made up of many hundreds of tiny flowers known as florets. These florets are in two major groups, with the central group resembling the center of a normal flower, and the outer florets make the colored petals. These central florets , aka disc florets, grow in a pattern almost always follows the Fibonacci sequence. These florets eventually mature into Sunflower Seeds, which grow te next generation of plants or can be harvested for various purposes, including a tasty healthy snack on into an oil rich in minerals like calcium and iron and contains vitamin A and Vitamin D.

One interesting fact about the Sunflower is that they are known to follow the movement of the sun across the sky from east to west, and this process is known as heliotropism. It is believed that this developed due the fact that the sunflower needs a lot of natural sunlight to fully grow properly. They grow best in fertile, wet, well-drained soil with a lot of mulch.
Assuming ideal growing conditions, they can grow up to 8-12 feet within six months.


Hooks & Rumours

  • There is a growing convention that shows off the more extreme Sunflowers, from the smallest, the tallest, to the ones with largest head etc. Someone at the convention had used a form of Bonsai techniques to make the shortest sunflower on record with 2 inches in height. Claims are being made this was not grown but hand-made in some way.
  • Attempts have been made to grow sunflowers in locations with less sunlight than the normal places it grows. So far the experiments have met with little success and the foundation running the experiment is on the lookout for a new location to continue the research
  • A farmer growing sunflowers awoke one day to find her fields of sunflowers completely harvested and removed. There was no obvious tracks, no signs of tampering around any fences or gates. So far no-one has discovered who the culprits were or why they carefully stole all the flowers.
  • Claims are surfacing of a blue-flowered Sunflower being discovered. All hat has been shown so far is photographic evidence, that virtually everyone is claiming is a fake. However, experts in detecting faked/forged pictures are saying that as far as they can tell the picture is genuine. Questions are now being asked as to why the owner has not shown the unique plant off publically.

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