RIGS SciFi 2.05 – Hover Chair

“The UTHC or Ultra-Tec Hover chair is the latest in premium personal assisted transportation. After the last war and bio-attack from the so-called Celtrons,everyone one of us was either affected or knew someone affected by their weapon. It left many people unable to walk, their spinal cords a mess. My own sister was one of them. It was one day whilst with her in the park in her wheelchair and seeing her getting stuck on a small broken bit of pavement I vowed to make this better, not only for her, but all afflicted by that attack…”

Activation: Control Panel
Complexity: 12
Condition: Good
Control method: Button press and joystick

At first glance, the Ultra-Tech Hover Chair resembles a large cushioned chair with wheels. These wheels are, for the most part, decoration and for stability when powered down, although they can be used as a normal wheel if the chair has no power. In many ways, the chair is quite comfortable to use and can be easily customized and configured for each individual users requirements and desires.

Abilities and Features
With a press of a semi-hidden control panel, the Ultra-Tec Hover Chair (UTHC) can lift up to 6 inches from the ground or even higher if required, but this option must be activated with a security code to prevent accidental activation. Once in hover mode, the UTHC provides a level of comfort that many able-bodied people envy. It can even go over water, but this does slow the chairs speed down by 50%. In normal or hover modes, the chair can travel at the equivalent of a brisk walking speed.

The first and for many people most important, is the cost. the Hover Chair requires small and light components that are expensive to manufacture. The second is one that Ultra-Tec does not publicize is that the main control circuit is prone to interference from other UTHC users control panels. Although Ultra-Tec does their utmost to prevent frequency overlap, there have been a number of incidents where one control panel caused another to turn off and another caused the user to rise up to over 100ft.
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