A short while ago,  volume 5 of the Campaign Chunks series was released. Today, that version and the previous 4 volumes have been released as a handy bundle on drivethrurpg.com. Each volume contains 10 chunks, giving you 50 in total. Each has plot hooks and rumors attached to them, some of them deliberately contradictory, as rumours so often are. For the most part, they are desgiend to be used in as many different settings and genres as possible, although some will be more suitable to say, a horror themed game/story and others will fit better in a modern setting.

Below you’ll find a brief overview of what is in each volume.

Volume 1

  • Death of a Beauty Queen  – Investigate the death of someone beautiful
  • Devrok, the castle of The Blood Lord – Home to an infamous warlord
  • Giant Polyopisthocotylea – What is this strange creature?
  • Glass Tower – Why is this building made of glass?
  • Grevalian Report – Just what is in this report that has scared so many?
  • Grand Derby – The biggest race of the year for locals
  • Impact Crater – The site of a meteor landing
  • Juniper bush of Junzin – How did Junzin grow this plant?
  • New Year’s Day – End of the year, have a party!
  • Star River – What makes this river so special?

Volume 2

  • Anima/Soul spice – A spice with some unusual properties is very popular
  • Blue Cloud – A rare phenomena
  • Central Hall – Simply put, its THE place for theatre and music-hall visitors
  • Great Deep Abyss – Not the deepest part of the ocean, but something weird is going on here
  • Organ Harvesting – A nasty and deadly practice, the question is why?
  • Southern Dig Site – The ruins of a military outpost, thought lost to time
  • S.S Brünnhilde – A military testing ship with some experimental technology
  • Sturges Canal – The lifeblood of a region, very popular. Too popular for some people
  • Touchhelm Carnival – A time to celebrate the founding of the city
  • Ultra Olympics – Take the olympics, allow “cheating” and sit back and enjoy the fun

Volume 3

  • Aber Naver, maker of “Dress of Flesh” – A controversial artist and his “work”
  • Brenlon, The Red King of the East – A famous, yet bloody, king
  • Flight of the Locust moth – A moth that swarms like a locust?
  • Grandeur Institute of Technology – The place to go for learning about science and engineering
  • Hunters Flu – A new and possibly deadly strain of flu
  • Inferno Noodles – The hottest noodles you will ever have!
  • Invisible Frogfish of Fairview – A rather unique type of angler fish.
  • Music , Recording and Associated Sciences Award – A award ceremony for the MRAS
  • Seige of Myrandi – Just how did the fortress of Myrandi fall?
  • Solar Eclipse – A celestial event you’ll never forget

Volume 4

  • Aquatic Antenna – A sponge/coral hybrid unlike anything else known.
  • Burning Men – An outbreak of Spontaneous human combustion
  • Damocles class super carrier – A new carrier bigger and more powerful than anything before
  • Emperor’s Delight – A distinct and fruity red wine is proving to very popular
  • Gastroenteritis Outbreak – An outbreak of infectious diarrhoea
  • Human Magnets – Living beings who can stick metal objects to themselves
  • Lines of Falcona – A series of lines carved into the hardened earth
  • Star Jelly of Hemcus – Greyish-white gelatine like substance that falls from the skies
  • Thunder Cannons of Calmview – The lake town of Calmview is home to a very odd and regular sound
  • Vaults of Dunfur – Odd events are occurring at the Dunfur family vaults

Volume 5

  • Ankh of Tiumautef – Cross like object used to symbolise life
  • “Demon Blood” Arrow – An arrow with an odd property
  • Funerary Mask – Mask worn by the dead
  • Highbourne Observatory – An observatory built by an industrialist
  • Lanterns of Landium – 14 lanterns rumoured to run on a nasty fuel
  • Lost Automata of DeMerch – A clockwork item some say is cursed
  • Lost Book of prophecy – A book of prophecy that has a rather precise end date
  • Mobius-Strip Roller Coaster – A highly configurable rollercoaster is now open for riders
  • Niavon Numbers Station – Just what are these numbers being broadcast?
  • Northern Goat-Antelope – This rare goat is proving to be popular


Keep an eye out on this blog for future chunks and the improved and revised versions, which are compiled , extended and revised every 10 chunks, with a new chunk coming out typicaly every week or two.

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