Today, I’m going to highlight another generator – This time it’s the settlement overview.  Originaly this was called the city generator , which is the reason the url for the page has “city” in it. Over the course of making this however,  I soon realised that making this just for cities would be a bad idea compared to making it be about settlement of various size, from mighty metropolises, to humble hamlets.

At the moment, the settlement generator will give result like this :

Name Long Stockey
Country Bikazu Realm
Size (approx population) Village (551–700)
Main Inhabitants Drow with some Giant
Main Gate Iron towers and walls with an iron gate. Banners hang from the ramparts
First Impressions many large manors with nobles
Local Legend Slime creature dwells in the sewers

As you can see this breaks down into some brief details for you.

  • Name – Name of the settlement
  • Country – What country is this settlement located in?
  • Size – approximately how many sentient beings live here?
  • Main inhabitants What is the main and secondary population of this place? There will probably be other races here,but these are the two that stand out
  • Main gate – What is the main entrance to this settlement like?
  • First Impressions – When you arrive here,what is the first thing you see or springs to mind?
  • Local Legend – When you chat to the locals,whats the first topic that normally crops up?

Some of these result may not make sense, but the challenge and fun comes from working out just why these results are present in your world.Using the above as an example, the village of Longstocky has a population of Drow and Giants. Whay are they living together when one species is know to be very xenophobic and not live mucch above ground? Something in one of the other line suggestions a possible soultion. There are many manor houses here. It could be the drow are displaced nobles and have made an agreement or inslaved the giants as their servants or guards, espically if the mysterious slime creature that lives in the sewers is prone to killing drow.

Future Plans

At some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, more features will be added to this generator and current options will be expanded on.

Some planned ideas include:

  • Major shops, taverns and other business.
  • Major features, including important street names
  • Important NPCs
  • Possible encounters and events.
  • What type of god or higher power is worshiped here, if there is any worship here at all.

Some of these features,like the taverns, will also have their own generators if you want just those. A few features will also be expanded on and published in PDFs. The first of these is likely to be a version of the street name generator.

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