A Chunk of Fantasy 1.05 – Arcane Archiver [Class/professon]

“I hope my loved ones get this message. I am sorry..so very very sorry. I knew I should have tried to cast the spell. We all heard the stories as kids, and maybe even seen it happen, but you always think it’ll never happen to you. But it did happen to me. I was just trying to protect the village. We had been under threat from the local tribes for many weeks now. They kept taking shots at us as we passed. When Brethar got shot I snapped. I broke into the Sacred Vault and removed the book. It was…easy. I could read it with no issues. So I cast the spell and the bandits all died. But then they came back as zombies and ghouls and other foul things. I now await the Archivers to come for me as they always do for using magic without training. May the may the 12 and Two have mercy on my cursed soul…”

Class type – Arcane Police/Hunters
Role: Police, Emergency Service, Hunter and Assassin, but only when related to the arcane
Found: On worlds with a very high or greater arcane rating

Originally found on the semi-prison world of Easthalen, the Arcane Archiver (AA) soon spread to other worlds with a very high magic rating. Their nominal purpose was to catalogue and study magic and artefacts on what was the world with low-magic. When the Great Barrier of Easthalen was erected and the magic levels rose at an alarming rate, a task force that understood this phenomenon was set up. The Archivers had their remit expanded from studying the forces of the arcane to become its keepers and police and when needed, its assassins or rescue workers. They are a politically neutral group, with no official ties to any one culture or nation – That’s not to say bargains and deals are not struck, but this is between individual members and groups, not the organisation as a whole.

They go by many names – Magic Inquisitors, Archivers, Arcane Police and a few more adult phrases that are not said in polite company. For those that don’t use magic, they are seen as feared assault squads, heroes and protectors. For those that use magic illegally or try to break the established rules, they are terrors . But they are not without compassion and each agent is given much leeway in their work. This is needed due to the unstable nature of magic in the worlds where they are established. With regards to the arcane arts, the are judge, jury and if needed, executioner.

Joining the AA is, relatively simple. You must have full control over your magic abilities in some form or other. Previous aligencies and oaths are ended. Your first loyalty is to the protection and control of magic. Druids work alongside Necromancers, Evokers and illusionists study together. The only exception to this rule is though who follow a deity. Due to how the AA was setup, you may follow a god, but not use any divine abilities if you join the AA.

Once you joined the AA, and it’s for life even if you are no longer active, you gain access to a vast new array of spells and artefacts. These guarded abilities allow the AA to track and find illegal magical use and even dampen the side effects that seem to go along with magic use. One major downside is that your life is now dedicated to the AA and is causes and rules But you do gain a network of allies with incredible power and respect, for even the mightiest empire knows it’s not wise to anger a group of people whose job is stopping the fabric of reality from breaking down and letting demons and other unspeakable things from entering your kingdom and doing foul things to your population.

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