A Chunk of SciFi – 1.05 – Hyperspace Bomb [Weapon]

“Today is the 50th anniversary of the first Hyperspace Bomb, here in the Omatro Sector. The Hyperspace Bomb, like its crude predecessor on Terra, the Atomic Bomb, helped end a war between us and the Gromaks. We pleaded with them for mercy but they kept attacking our colonies, even though we did everything else they asked. They kept laughing at us, thinking calling us backwards, primitive, stupid and more. To this day we still don’t know why they attacked us that first time, and the modern Gromaks refer to this period of their history as The Great Mistake. We can still remember their screams of laughter turning into shock, then terror, then pleading as the first and only Hyper bomb went off, slowly vaporising their home and making FTL travel all but impossible for them…”

Weapon Type: Hyperspace/FTL Bomb
Effect: Disrupts most forms of FTL travel that pass through area

The hyper bomb is a two-part weapon. It was only used once in galactic history and helped secure humanity’s safety in the galactic community. In the history books, it goes by many names – Hyper bomb and Hyperspace Bomb being the most common.

The first part – the destructive phase – breaks down all matter within the blast radius into hydrogen, slowly working its way through the periodic table. The process is slow, as weapons go and it takes around 48 hours for a typical earth sized planet to be converted into hydrogen. Before that,the planet has become unlivable and any lifeforms caught in the field are converted as well. It’s painful, messy and once started cannot be stopped. The second part – the primary goal of the project – disrupts the fabric of space-time. Near light speed is possible but any kind of FTL or Hyperspace travel through the area is liking driving a vehicle into a hard wall at high speed.

This alone would be enough to have humanity condemned by the other races in the universe. However, a thorough investigation proved that this was a horrible, yet unintended side effect, of the weapons primary purpose, which is to disrupt FTL or Hyperspace travel. Not many know that the Hyper bomb was not a bomb, not precisely anyway. It was a highly modified and converted Gromak FTL engine. Once the surviving gromaks surrounded, an investigation into their technology revealed why their FTL and Hyperspace technology was so advanced.

The goal of humanity project was to disrupt and halt FTL travel in Gromak space. This was the only real advantage the Gromaks had over the rest of the universe – their FTL systems were incredibly advanced and rumours suggested they were on the verge of a breakthrough into a teleportation system that could move fleets instantly light years. It was why they had been “allowed” to terrorise humanity for so long. It was also why humanity was forgiven for the accidental genocide of an entire race – The rest of the universe felt guilty for allowing it to go on for so long and were afraid the Hyper bomb would be used against them.

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